Blocking card

If you are one of the 5.3 billion people worldwide who own a bank account you will most likely have a contactless card linked to that account, allowing you to make quick and swift payments whilst on the go.

Inside these debit/credit cards are circuits which are powered on when an attempt to read its information is made; for instance, from a card machine.

Once a connection has been made between your card and a machine capable of reading it, a transfer of information takes place using RFID signals (i.e. the transfer of money from customer to merchant)

Identity Theft Protection


The circuit inside these cards are constantly searching for RFID signals from a card reader. Technically meaning your pockets are always open to anyone with card reading technology, to communicate with your cards without your consent. Stealing your sensitive information, with intentions to sell it for monetary gain. 


Inside the UVENA blocking card is a small antenna capable of absorbing a RFID signal to power its circuit to create a counter blocking RFID signal, which is transmitted back through the antenna, blocking communiction between your card and the machine.

Giving you both identity theft protection & fraud protection.


The UVENA blocking card protects any card within a 2.5cm radius, so by placing this small card in your card holder, you can rest assure your sensitive information and most importantly your money is safe with the best fraud protection you can have.